Featured Fam!!!

Today we are featuring one of our very first members of TeamDukeStars, Josh AKA DasFrantic, from back in the Mixer days! We met through gaming two and a half years ago, but now he is one of my closest friends IRL! We talk everyday, either in each others streams, through message, or on the phone. He keeps me laughing and actually started out coming to my streams and trolling me! I love a good troll! It wasn’t long before I made him a mod in my channel because he keeps the stream exciting but clean. Now he also is a Chief Executive of DukeStars! He is a variety streamer on Facebook Gaming, but mostly plays CoD. However, his talent doesn’t stop there! He is also a musician and owner of Wizzdom Production, who frequently makes amazing beats, sometimes LIVE on his stream. He recently got the Hybrid WASD Controller by Azeron and is having a blast learning how to use it, while dying a LOT!…J/K!!! Click the link to drop by his stream where you can catch him making great content, gaming, producing sick beats, and applying Prep-H to all the wrong places!!! First, check him out poppin’ bottles below!

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