Featured Fam-Heroes Edition! @Madd0g3008 @MrsAnimatedVet @WReKGiZMo

Happy Monday Creators! We would like to celebrate this week by featuring some of #DukeStars very own heroes! Some of the first people I met as a streamer were Madd0g, MrsAnimatedVet, and WrekGizmo. They are all Executives of DukeStars and either Active Military or Veterans, true heroes! They have all been a huge part of DukeStars since the beginning, back in the Mixer days. Get to know them and the rest of #DeFam in the Discord below!

Madd0g is the Vice President of DukeStars, active Military in Northern Ireland, a father, husband, amazing friend, a discord boss, always helpful & welcoming! Even though he is a busy man, he’s always available to help out in any way he can. We met about three years ago and he’s been my right hand man & brother ever since. Click the link below to check him out on Twitch!

Go check out the one and only MrsAnimatedVet on Twitch! She is an Army Veteran, Chief Executive of DukeStars and one of the very first members of #DeFam! I met her on Mixer and we’ve been family ever since. She’s a wife, great friend, amazing, always a boss, killer CoD player, but also a variety streamer. We love her because Vet does what she wants! Stop by her stream, stay a while & show that #DukeStars love!

Last, but certainly not least, is my boy WrekGizmo! He’s an American Vet, father, Chief Executive of DukeStars, the ultimate Mod God & always supporting #DeFam with shoutouts in my streams. We call him “Octo-Mod” or “The Human Bot” because even when he’s busy streaming & we’re in the middle of a game, he never misses the opportunity to give a shoutout to #DeFam when they stop by my stream. We talk everyday, either in stream, in game, in discord or on the phone. He’s a true hero & brother! You don’t want to miss him killin’ it on CoD on Facebook Gaming!

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