Happy Saturday! Congratulations to @EnAm215 and @EfendixG on winning #DukeStars monthly giveaway of @GamerGoo!

Each month I randomly choose two winners for my GamerGoo giveaway. The giveaway is usually done at the beginning of each month, but this month has been rough with the recent information we received regarding my sons health. So I am just now getting to it & there will be another giveaway at the beginning of September. For the month of August, I have chosen Enam & RaginMortosS7!

Enam is a longtime member of #DeFam and one of DukeStars amazing Chief Executives! He’s a Content Creator on Twitch, a musician, an awesome GFX artist, a great friend, and an all around genuine person. Be sure to check him out and get to know him at the following link!

RaginMortos is a new member of #DeFam, but the positivity and support he shows to everyone has made it feel like he’s been a part of DukeStars since the beginning. He’s a Pro Wrestler who goes by “The King of Rage”, he’s a Content Creator on Facebook Gaming, a father, husband, and puts out all the hype! Stop by his stream, drop him a follow and get to know him at the link below!

Get a grip with GamerGoo! A specially formulated hand cream, made by gamers for gamers. Just a pea size amount will keep your hands dry for hours, preventing sweaty hands from ruining your game or project ever again! Stop the slip and increase the grip. Grip your own at the link below and save 10% with special code “DEDUKE”.

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